Franz Liszt Music Festival
Ballenstedt 2002


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Opening address of Wolfgang Böhm, Secretary of State

Prof. Theo Adam at the opening concert

Orchestra of the Nordharzer Städtebundtheater conducted by Johannes Rieger

Talking about theatre: Prof. Adam and Kay Metzger

Reception given by Eduard Prinz von Anhalt in Ballenstedt castle

The society's chairman thanks all helpers

Festive reception in Ballenstedt castle

Rehearsal for the final concert

Anhaltische Philharmonie conducted by GMD Golo Berg

Prof. Bernd Glemser playing Tchaikovsky's B minor concerto

After the festive concert

Prof. Bernd Glemser and the Anhaltische Philharmonie

Prominent festival guests

Between the concerts

Fireworks illuminating the Castle Theatre

Firework Music

Pure romance

Last tunes of the Firework Music

Dismantling of the marquee