The Theatre Society


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The Theatre Society of Ballenstedt/Anhalt was founded in Ballenstedt on April 10, 2001. Its mission is:

to promote the musical and theatre life in the town of Ballenstedt,
and to organize events relating to the musical and theatre traditions
of the town and the former Province of Anhalt

To achieve its aims the Society is very much interested in a close cooperation with other organizations and institutions having similar goals. In addition, the Society seeks to cooperate with partners who/which have historic relations to Ballenstedt.

Among the Society's founders are Prince Eduard von Anhalt, the theater-manager of the Nordharzer Städtebundtheater, Kay Metzger, and the Chairman of the Ballenstedt town council, Ralf Riediger.

The first project of the society was the organization of the Ballenstedt Music Festival 2002 which commemorated the historic Music Festival of 1852 under the direction of Franz Liszt.